Disaster Drill Training

GFES works closely with all city and county agencies including the Malmstrom Air Force base personnel in preparation for a disaster occurring in Cascade County. When preparing for a manmade or natural disaster, GFES donates all ambulances and personnel to perform these important mock drills.

Fire Department Re-Supply Services

GFES restocks all disposable supplies used by the fire departments for emergency medical patients. GFES also pays for the oxygen used by the Great Falls City Fire Department during an emergency response.

Disaster Trailer (1 of 7 in the State)

The State of Montana trusts GFES to be the custodian for one of seven disaster trailers placed throughout the State. The majority of these trailers were given to ambulance providers since they have no issues in crossing geo-political boundaries outside a contracted response area.

National Disaster Response Services

GFES is registered with FEMA / AMR REDS as a resource for ambulances and EMS personnel in the context of a naitonal disaster. 

EMS Career Awareness

Students from both CMR and Great Falls High do 'job shadows' at GFES. Students from these high schools also have done multi-week internships at our station.

Nursing Homes and Day Care Centers

Great Falls EMS workers ensure that caretakers of Nursing Homes and Day Care Centers are able to provide assistance as necessary in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Our trained paramedics visit these centers to perform demonstrations on first aid, patient care, and discuss potential occurring emergencies and appropriate response procedures. By doing so, we ensure that caretakers are up to date on emergency issues and that those who rely on them receive the utmost reliable care.

Ride Along Opportunities

GFES provides ride-along opportunities for City firefighters, county EMS Responders, hospital personnel and EMS students during EMT or paramedic training. Great Falls EMS also encourages high school job shadows and provide community members ride-along experiences upon request. This service is provided at no cost

Public Service Announcements

GFES has welcomed the opportunity to help educate the community through radio and T.V. commercials regarding injury and illness prevention, specifically; pull to the right for emergency vehicles, fall prevention, proper access of 911 services, firearm safety, Halloween safety, etc.

 Show and Tell

Great Falls Emergency Services provides Show and Tell demonstrations for local youth groups upon request and at no cost. GFES EMTs allow the class participants a chance to view and touch the ambulance and emergency medical equipement while reinforcing what steps the students should take during an actual medical emergency. This event is often requested by the following entities:

Great Falls Public Schools

Day Care Centers

Parents' groups



Blood Pressure Clinics

Upon request, and on an ongoing monthly basis, GFES professionals provide blood pressure check-ups for senior citizens residing in local nursing homes. GFES provides this service at no cost.

Indigent Response and Transport At the City's police officers' requests.

GFES transports approximately five hundred (500) indigents who are intoxicated and/or suffering from exposure to area hospitals and do not have the ability to pay for the transport. These victims are unable and/or unwilling to pay for ambulance services.Community Stand-bys GFES provides medical stand-by services for community and charitable causes without charge or for a below cost fee.

The following is a list of events in which we have participated in the past:

Special Olympics
Relay for Life
Ice Breaker Run
Boy Scouts of America
Polar Bear Plunge
Safety first Rally, Beautiful Minds Walk, Vets for Vets
Visiting Presidents
MAFB Air Shows
Tournament of Champions
Fish/wildlife and Parks 10K Race/Conference
Shriners' East/West Football Game
UFC Fight Nights
All Four Seasons Arena Concerts and Events
Electric City Speedway Care Races
Bobcat Booster Club Football Games
Horse Racing
J & S High School Rodeos
Montana Lineman Competitions
Dusty Gilko Bull Riding Challenge
Montana Pro Rodeo
Extreme Snowmobile Races
Electric City Dirt Riders Motorcross Racing
Halter Motor Sports