Great Falls Emergency Service provides 9-1-1 Advanced Life Support ambulance service in Great Falls, MT and throughout Cascade County. GFES continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to on-time paramedic ambulance response.

In addition to providing 9-1-1 emergency ALS response, and paramedic non-emergency transport, GFES also provides Critical Care Transport, Disaster Response, Special Event Medical Standby, ALS and BLS service for long distance ambulance transport, and Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services.



Advanced Life Support

GFES provides ALS service for all 9-1-1 calls from the citizens of Great Falls and Cascade County. Advanced Life Support service means that there is at least one paramedic aboard the ambulance who has advanced training in cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV therapy, and the administration of cardiac and pain medications. GFES provides ALS service for long distance transports requiring cardiac monitoring and/or administration of medications.

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Basic Life Support

GFES provides BLS service for long distance transports requiring minimal medical supervision and for routine medical transportation from hospitals, physician's offices, diagnostic centers and nursing or convalescent homes.


Critical Care Transport

Great Falls Emergency Service provides Paramedic Critical Care Transport to preserve patients' continuity of sophisticated intensive care and cardiac care when bad weather precludes a medical flight teams from flying or when increased call volume necessitates ground transportation. GFES also works very closely with Mercy Flight in providing Neonatal Transports and hospital based CCT team transports.


Special Event Medical Standbys

Great Falls Emergency Services special event medical standby teams receive specific training to address the emergency medical needs of spectators and event participants alike during events in Great Falls or Cascade County including: Sporting Events, Rodeos, Motors Sports, Marathons, Fairs, and Parades